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Simplify Food During Treatment with a Meal Delivery Service

Simplify Food During Treatment with a Meal Delivery Service



Shenell Malloy

Food is medicine!

When I first got diagnosed one of the one things I could control was what I put in my body. I felt that if I were to give my best chance to survive and I needed to take a close look at all of the things I was eating and drinking regularly. I began looking at food totally differently.  I wanted to make sure I was giving my body the most nutrient-dense, high-quality clean food. Easier said than done when you’re undergoing cancer treatment!

It was very hard for me at first to think about each meal and it became a point of stress. Not only was I tired and didn’t want to have to “think” about food, nothing sounded good at all. I was in cancer treatment and was nauseated and not craving anything. Paired with the stress of wanting to eat healthy for my healing body, food just became overwhelming.

A friend suggested that I try a meal delivery service to take the pressure off and I decided to try it. I went with Sakara organic food delivery - and it was one of the best decisions I made for my diet. Not having to think about clean food options, especially for lunch, was so helpful. I love how fresh and clean the ingredients are, and everything is organic which fit into my new diet plan. They offer lots of clean plant proteins to ensure you’re getting a nutritious meal. They do a wonderful job at making the meals tasty with lots of different flavors. It is a great plant-based option to get more veggies in my diet, and also I love that they put in super foods and highlight a different one in each meal. They deliver twice a week to ensure freshness.  

Remember - the goal is not to rely on an outside service for every snack and meal, it’s to supplement and simplify healthy eating. Think of a service as a great way to get what you don’t have the energy to buy and prep on your own, being delivered right to your front door. Be sure your home is stocked with nutritious, healing food, and let a service fill in the gaps.

These are healthy or plant-based pre-prepped food delivery options that require no prep. They arrive ready to eat!

Take advantage of plenty of on-demand services that can bring you a nutritious meal from your favorite local restaurant or juice bar:

  • DoorDash
  • UberEats
  • Postmates
  • InstaCart

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