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At Do Cancer we believe everyone should have access to the best cancer care. We are committed to sharing proven treatment plans, wellness education, carefully vetted products, and complementary care programs for whole-person healing.

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You Can Do Cancer Program

Our concierge whole-person healing program.


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Until there is a cure for cancer, long-term survivors are the key to finding answers.

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Shop gifts curated by survivors for whole-person healing

We’ve been through cancer treatment and we know what works. The Essentials Kit is curated by survivors with comforting cancer clean items that promote whole-person healing when they need it the most.
Our Founder customizes every Personalized Healing Kit to best match the needs of the individual receiving it, with supportive, cancer-clean products that promote whole-person healing in an inspirational box.
The You Can Do Cancer Program provides healing, concierge care to help patients thrive.

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Book suggestions for those in cancer treatment depending on where they are in their journey and what they’re interested in. ‍
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Hit Cancer with a Hammer
It’s not just one thing you do, it’s everything you do. Do it all! Medical, mind, body and spirit for whole-person healing and the greatest chance of living cancer-free.
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