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We make access to better cancer resources available to anyone.

Your tax-deductible donation can help people impacted by cancer in three ways:

  • Sponsoring The Do Cancer Program to someone in need: We provide scholarships to those unable to pay for premier cancer care. The Program includes: a second opinion at a cancer research hospital, a health navigator to build out their cancer team, an Integrative Specialist, and access to clean, at-home products to ease their treatment.
  • Making lifesaving information transparent and accessible. We provide a Directory of proven doctors, hospitals, and healers trusted by long-term survivors. We also provide first-hand advice on how to navigate treatment, and the exact medical plans of survivors. We are making it easier to discover where you should go for your specific cancer, or which institutions are saving lives. We are building a database of how to survive and do cancer.
  • Providing Healing Cancer Kits: We’ve been through cancer treatment and we know what works. Curated by survivors for survivors, our kits contain clean items that provide support and relief when cancer patients need it most.

Created for cancer survivors by cancer survivors.

When someone hears the words “you have cancer” time stops. You immediately feel lost and overwhelmed– and pressured to make big decisions with little knowledge or guidance. We know because we’ve been there, and we’re sharing what we’ve learned.

Do Cancer was created as a place of hope and wellness for anyone impacted by cancer to find what they need to support whole-person healing. In one approachable place, we help those impacted by cancer achieve optimal health for their mind, body, and spirit. Here we share first-hand survivor stories of hope, the latest medical advances, healing modalities, emotional-spiritual practices, and potentially life-saving resources from all over the world. 

Our survivor-curated Cancer Kits deliver clean, proven healing products when they need it the most. We remove the stress of searching for what helps so patients can focus on healing and living their best life.

The Do Cancer Program sponsors someone unable to pay or gain access to better cancer care. The Program includes: a second opinion at a cancer research hospital, a health navigator to build out their cancer team, and access to clean at-home products during their treatment.

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