This is the story of three friends and sisters. Our together began two decades ago when our biggest challenges were small. But, in 2019, we experienced something new together: cancer.

Our Story

Shenell and Aidan, both mothers in their mid-thirties, were diagnosed weeks apart with very aggressive cancers. First Shenell with stage 4 glioblastoma brain cancer, and then Aidan with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer and melanoma. Both were considered the picture of health: young, active, and focused on diet and exercise. Busy, working mothers of young children experiencing the daily stress of a fast-paced world, they would both be suddenly thrust into dealing with devastating diagnoses. Luckily, they had each other, and together they would do cancer.

When Shenell started her cancer journey, she made the choice to turn her death sentence into a life sentence. She looked for guidance and answers, but there were few. Piecing together what she could find on her own, she realized that long-term survivors defying the odds took a whole-person approach to their cancer treatment and healing. So alongside grueling brain surgery, chemo, and radiation treatments for an incurable disease, Shenell embraced this new beginning with a full body, mind, and spirit cleanse to give herself the best chance of surviving terminal cancer. It was the beginning of her passion to align the latest medical advances and cancer-specific centers of excellence with whole-person healing. She took ownership of her overall wellness while the medical plan focused on attacking cancer cells.

As Shenell was in the midst of treatment, her friend Aidan received a shocking diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer that had already spread quickly, in between routine mammograms. She was facing one of the harshest regimens available: years of chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries.

Shenell was devastated by the news. Only weeks ahead of Aidan, she had already experienced a lifetime of perspective. She knew the exact feeling of sadness and fear about not seeing her children grow. She knew the necessary pain of treatment and the unfair emotional strain on all aspects of life. She knew how difficult it was to research the right medical teams and which products and therapies would make this journey easier. But - she knew exactly how to help her. She could walk together with Aidan in a way no one else could.

Aidan relied heavily on Shenell for insights and guidance on how to prepare for what would come next. What had she learned from her healing journey so far? How could she advocate for better care? How was she facing the emotional and physical toll of cancer on herself and family? What did she find helpful while undergoing treatment? Shenell knew exactly what would support Aidan in the grueling days to come, so she put together a guide of how to do cancer, and made a care package with all of the items she found helpful and wished she had during the beginning of her treatment.

Brenna quickly understood the helpless feeling of the caregiver on the sidelines. Both her sister and her dear friend struggled with aggressive, rare cancers and years-long treatment plans. They were together, but on very separate journeys. Brenna began learning how she could help and step up in areas of their lives that could help them heal. She began sharing what she had learned with other caregivers.

We each felt compelled to help others during our toughest times, and knew we could turn what we had leaned into a resource for the 1 in 3 impacted by cancer.

After years of treatment and finally reaching stability, our minds felt so clear, our spirits felt deep peace, and our perspectives had changed drastically. We were eager to share what we had learned with those lost and struggling with cancer.

Shenell and Aidan know how it feels to be lost and intimidated when a cancer diagnosis hits. All we wanted in that moment was to find a person like us, who had our cancers and survived.

We wanted to know everything that person was doing—from medicines they took and the hospitals they were treated at, to the products they loved and the alternative therapies they tried. We wanted to know if they experienced the same thoughts and emotions.

All three of us remember the lack of guidance and support; as the loved one who wanted to help so badly, and as the patient struggling to keep it together. Now that we are on the other side, we can be those trusted advisors.

We created a positive, empowering place where anyone impacted by cancer can get actionable information and guidance from survivors. We share proven treatment plans, clean products that ease the cancer journey, relatable survivor stories, first-hand accounts, and the latest therapies so that those struggling to find hope know it can be done.

Do Cancer does three things:

  • Provides free concierge care to those in and out of treatment
  • Sends clean, survivor-curated Healing Kits
  • Makes proven treatments & survivor tips accessible to anyone

Everyone facing cancer can now come prepared. Hope, determination, and the will to survive lives within all of us. Life’s toughest moments may take hold, but a trusted guide who’s been there can walk with you and remind you of your power and resilience. We firmly believe that until there is a cure for cancer, long-term survivors hold the key to answers.

Together We Are Stronger.
Together We Can Do Cancer.

All Our Love,
Shenell, Aidan & Brenna

Aidan Morris

On Sundays, you can find me…
sleeping in! Sleeping in with three little ones is such a luxury, but I learned through my healing journey that my body needs those extra hours to recover from the previous week and recharge for the week ahead!

My guiltiest pleasure is…
watching (and solving!) the final puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.

If I was a superhero, my superpower...
would be never being hung over. A power I don’t use any more, but in college would have been a lifesaver!

Shenell Malloy

On Sundays, you can find me…
lounging under the sunshine watching my kids and dog play. I am definitely solar powered!

My guiltiest pleasure is…
traveling with my own pillow. I can’t sleep without all the comforts of home.

If I was a superhero, my superpower...
would be to fly because it's so peaceful seeing the world from up above and also because I’m not a fan of driving.

Brenna Johnson

On Sundays, you can find me…
taking long walks with my favorite people.

My guiltiest pleasure is…
skincare and beauty products!

If I was a superhero, my superpower...
would be freezing time - and curing cancer!