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8 Great Cancer Podcasts
Cancer Talk

8 Great Cancer Podcasts

Cancer Talk


Brenna Johnson

Podcasts have become incredibly popular in recent years. They’re a great way to get news, relatable and inspiring personal stories, and some comic relief. During cancer treatment, podcasts are an easy way to consume information when your eyes are tired and impacted by treatment - and you’re just plain over having to read.

There is so much content out there - and it’s FREE! Pop in your earbuds when you’re on a walk, getting an infusion, or just want to keep your mind busy and inspired.

There's a big, wide world of podcasts so there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the most popular podcasts about cancer depending on what you’d like to learn or get from listening.

Lighthearted, Relatable Topics:

You, Me and the Big C: Putting the can in cancer

A popular, award-winning British podcast about life with, treatment, and other topics relating to cancer. The shows are light and designed to feel like a chat with friends that you can relate to.

Cancer Actually F***ing Sucks

Get ready to laugh, cry, and know you’re not alone in your cancer journey with Madison Pollack and Shannon Curry. As young cancer survivors, they get personal with their guests in the cancer community, diving into their experiences from diagnosis to today. They explore everyone's coping mechanisms that come with the C-word, finding no shortage of laughter along the way.

Not Today Cancer

Hosted by a husband and wife who have each been a cancer patient and a caregiver, their mission is to inspire and help other people who have been touched by cancer.  Darren was diagnosed in 2009 with brain cancer and Jenny just recently with breast cancer. Cancer has taught them so much about LIVING.

Education and Empowerment:

Cancer Straight Talk From MSK

Renowned cancer hospital Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) brings together national experts and cancer patients to have straightforward, evidence-based conversations. Their mission is to educate and empower patients and their families to make the right decisions and live happier, healthier lives.

TheoryLab - American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society scientists and grantees discuss the most critical questions and new findings in cancer research -- in language that we can all understand.

Lifestyle and Wellness:

Cancer Secrets

Dr. Jonathan Stegall aims to change the cancer paradigm. Learn more about cancer, how to treat it, how to avoid being overwhelmed, and more about integrative oncology and personalized treatment.

Thrive Through Cancer

Host Season Johnson Offers hope in healing and shares personal experiences, self-care solutions, health tips, and the support of a community - people just like you. Great for people in treatment, out of treatment and caregivers.

Chris Beat Cancer

Cancer survivor Chris Wark discusses alternative and natural therapies and lifestyle choices to heal from cancer and embrace a preventative lifestyle.

Available for free on Apple , Spotify, and Google Podcasts

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