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Why Sauna During Treatment: Tips for Using

Why Sauna During Treatment: Tips for Using



Shenell Malloy

I started getting hives a few weeks after ending brain radiation and it drove me crazy. It was  pretty unbearable at times. I was very itchy and the feeling would come and go daily. I tried everything from antihistamines to prescription drugs. I saw a dermatologist and an allergist to figure out what was going on with my body. I was told my mast cells were activated and inflamed by cancer treatment which can cause hives.

I was finished with treatment but they were still a daily nuisance. I relied on Zyrtec to keep the rash at bay, but wanted a permanent fix that didn’t involve taking pills everyday indefinitely. I heard that red light therapy combined with sweating could help my body detox. Infrared saunas can help increase blood circulation and stimulate the sweat glands, and is a gentle and effective way to release built-up toxins and chemicals in the body. So I decided to give it a try - waiting until I felt strong enough to do so.

I always heard using infrared saunas would be beneficial for detoxifying my body but it wasn’t until I started using it regularly that I noticed so many health benefits not only for my body but also for my mind. My body has a problem detoxifying on its own. Sweating does not come naturally to me and I have found using an infrared sauna helps my body release toxins easier and it’s truly one of the only places where I feel like I am able to sweat.

I began visiting a local infrared sauna 2 to 3 times a week for 10-15 minute sessions and worked my way up to 30 minus 4-5 days a week. Within six months of regular use my hives were completely gone and I started to feel more energy.  In the sauna is also where I am able to take the time to meditate and also listen to audiobooks on wellness. There are chains like Perspire where you can book a time to visit a sauna.

I personally chose an infrared sauna over a traditional sauna because the temperatures are lower which is better for my brain and head but also I feel is more deeply detoxifying with the infrared technology and having the built-in red light therapy is just an added bonus.

Infrared saunas can also help with:

  • Detoxification
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Muscle aches, arthritis, and joint relief
  • Increased metabolism
  • Immune system support
  • Skin conditions
  • Heart health
  • Diabetes support

Here are some of my tips for staring infrared sauna:

  • In the beginning, bring a cup of ice and washcloth to keep your head cool, especially those with brain cancer.
  • Drink at least 32 ounces before, 32 ounces during and try to drink as much as you can afterwards to stay hydrated.
  • This is a great time to add minerals to your water. You can bring in coconut water instead.
  • Wipe away as much sweat as you can with a clean towel so the toxins don’t get reabsorbed.
  • Exercise is an excellent adjunct to this detox protocol. Continue doing a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercise like you are doing.
  • Higher Dose infrared sauna blankets are a great option if cost or space in your home  is more limited.
  • As always consult a health professional before starting anything new. If you have any health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart problems, or are under medical care, get cleared by your doctor before your first session. Even though infrared saunas have been found to be fairly safe, you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your health and safety.

I ended up loving infrared sauna so much that I wanted to install one and did my research to find a completely non-toxic infrared sauna. I found that Clearlight infrared saunas had EMF/ELF shielding with the lowest levels in the industry and thanks to the usage of non-toxic glues and varnish. Their saunas boasted almost-zero VOCs, which was very important to me. Additionally, the solid wood frame is eco-certified, which means that you don’t have to worry about any toxic plywood fumes. I was very sensitive to inhaling chemicals and was very happy to find one I considered “cancer clean.”

I decided to purchase one for my home and it is now something that the whole family can now enjoy and benefit from. It has helped with my husband's muscle recovery after exercise and my daughter's eczema.

To purchase:

Jacuzzi, formerly known as Clearlight

Email: and mention Do Cancer for $100 off

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