Diagnosis & Treatment

Hodgkins Lymphoma
Medical Center
Maria Fareri Children's Hospital & Westchester Medical Center - NY
Multiple at Maria Fareri
Multiple at Maria Fareri
Clinical Trials
Medical Treatment
Details of Treatment
8 months of chemotherapy
Medication During Treatment
ABVD (Adriamycin, Blenoxane, Vinblastine, Dacarbazine)
Alternative Therapies During Treatment
Therapy (saw a traditional therapist)
If I could go back in time and decide my own fate, I would allow myself to get cancer due to how it changed my perception of life. The sun looks brighter, the grass looks greener, and the world looks bigger.
WHAt helped me during treatment
Favorite Quote
"The greatest souls are awakened out of suffering" -Khalil Griban
Advice for Others
1) Keep a positive mindset as much as you can. It is proven that our bodies will heal with our minds. If you think positively, your body will follow suit! 2) Stay hydrated, avoid sugary foods/drinks (sugar feeds cancer cells), and don't be afraid to do your research, even if Oncologists sway you otherwise. Most Oncologists don't get taught the value of nutrition during chemo treatment, and Its one of the most important things. 3) Stay active as much as possible! The more you can move around the better; you don't need to run a marathon, but taking walks in fresh air, and maybe even partaking in some light calisthenics, will help your body to stay strong. 4) Last but definitely not least, take it one day at a time. Even if that days agenda is packed with treatment, take some time out of your day to do something for YOU.

My Story

Before being diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, I was a very depressed individual. I was 17 at the time of diagnosis, and I had already spent the prior 4 years on different psychiatric medications, as I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. When I learned of my diagnosis, I was obviously disheartened. My life had been so difficult already, having growing up in broken, toxic home raised in poverty. I thought, "WHY ME? Why must so many bad things happen, TO ME?"

I quickly learned that it happened FOR me, not TO me.

After I beat the cancer and entered remission, I had felt the most joy I had ever experienced in my life. Getting such a diagnosis made me realize I DID want the life that was granted to me. I realized each day is a gift, not a given right. I was no longer the girl with Major Depressive Disorder. In fact, I no longer suffered from depression after that. Yeah, I have good and bad days, but I learned that no matter what type of days I would have, they were great days, solely because I woke up that morning. I began viewing life through a completely different lens. The sun looked brighter, the grass looked greener, and the world looked bigger. I tell people to this day, "If I could go back in time and decide my own fate, I would allow myself to get cancer due to how it changed my perception of life."

I will go deeper in to my story in a book I am writing about my experience, which is still in the process of being crafted! Find me on social media: Angelina Maselli, or email me at masellipublication@gmail.com

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