Diagnosis & Treatment

Medical Center
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, MA
Dr. Rose Du - Brigham & Women’s Hospital, MA
Dr. David Reardon - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, MA
Clinical Trials
Yes, the clinical trial drug (XL765) was administered during both radiation treatments & the maintenance cycles. At the end of the clinical trial, I chose to discontinue the Temozolomide, but kept taking the trial drug for another 5+ years until the manufacturer stopped the trial as it was deemed ineffective in GBMs as well as several other solid tumor cancers.
Medical Treatment
Details of Treatment
In August of 2011, after a 100% complete resection of my tumor (109cc) in my left occipital lobe, I completed 30 treatments of radiation (SRT) combined with Temozolimide & a phase 1 clinical trial drug (XL765). Post radiation, I had a 4 week rest phase, and then began 13 cycles of Temozolomide & the clinical trial drug. In October of 2021, we discovered a grade 2 glioma in my right occipital lobe. Another craniotomy was preformed by Dr. Du, again, & successfully removed it in it’s entirety. Four weeks later, an MRI confirmed that the tumor had already grown back. This time, I completed 15 rounds of radiation combined with Temozolomide. As of July, 2022, I have now completed 6 maintenance cycles (5/23) of Temozolomide, with 6 more remaining. We have also added infusions of Keytruda every 3 weeks.
Medication During Treatment
Alternative Therapies During Treatment
Therapy (saw a traditional therapist)
No alcohol
Cancer taught me what is really important. I've learn to cherish moments, create memories and celebrate milestones. I've learned that everybody dies, not everyone lives.
Men’s multivitamin, Turmeric, & D3
WHAt helped me during treatment
Favorite Quote
“We were not put on this earth for ourselves, we were put here to help others.” -Paul Bayne, from the award-winning documentary "Living with the Odds," 2020.
Advice for Others
Stay positive, advocate for yourself, and graciously accept help from family, friends, & sometimes complete strangers.

My Story

When I was first diagnosed with Glioblastoma in 2011, my first mentor shared with me that: “There are always people in the 1% that survive, and who's to say I won’t be in that 1%.” Well, darned if he wasn’t right!

I attribute my success & long term survival to my amazing healthcare team at Brigham & Women's Hospital and the Dana Farber Cancer Insititue, my incredible support network of family and friends (especially my rock, my wife Christina), my positive attitude, and lastly, the work that I have been doing as a mentor to newly diagnosed Glioblastoma patients. In 2019, I also was privileged to help create a 1 hour documentary on the cancer journey of Paul Bayne, another Dana Farmer patient, “Living With The Odds”. It is an inspirational story about how to live your life despite a life threatening illness, because the truth of it is… “Everybody dies, not everyone lives.”

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