Diagnosis & Treatment

Medical Center
1) Cancer Treatment Centers of America 2) The Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke - Durham, NC , 3) University of Kansas Medical Center - St. Francis Cancer Center
Dr. Cohen - Topeka, Kansas
Manidhar Lekkala, MD - University of Kansas St. Francis Cancer Center, Topeka, Kansas
Clinical Trials
Yes, Nativis Voyager. It emits a low frequency radio wave throughout the brain; University of Kansas.
Medical Treatment
Radiofrequency ablation
Details of Treatment
10 Weeks of chemotherapy; 1 surgery; 24 radiation sessions; 2 1/2 years of Avastin treatment; 4 1/2 years of clinical trial - Nativis Voyager; Currently no treatments; MRI every 4 months.
Medication During Treatment
Temazolone, Avastin.
Alternative Therapies During Treatment
No items found.
Cancer brought me closer to God and made me realize my mortality.
Vitamin B12; Vitamin D; Biotin; Generic multi-vitamin.
WHAt helped me during treatment
Prescription steroids.
Favorite Quote
A song from Mandisa: "You're an overcomer."
Advice for Others
Don't try to do this by yourself. You need help from everyone. Trust in God, let Him lead you through this journey.

My Story

Rita's husband, Ray Wolf, has written a beautiful, personal account of her journey: "Staying Alive: Battling Brain Cancer." It is a faith-based, inspirational book which can be downloaded for free here.

It is now a journey of one beautiful woman battling the most deadly brain cancer known to mankind. It is a journey that goes beyond what most afflicted with this disease ever live to tell. It is a journey filled with the miracles of God. It is about God leading us through the pitfalls that we endured when battling this disease. It is a compelling story that clearly shows our purpose in this life and the steps needed to fulfill that purpose. This is a purpose-driven book that can help all who read it by providing a road map of how to traverse and endure the trials and tribulations that we will encounter in our lifetime here on earth. This is a book of LOVE and HOPE!

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