Diagnosis & Treatment

Multiple Myeloma
Medical Center
Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario and Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton Ontario, Canada
Dr. Christina Lee and Dr. Kylie Lepic
Clinical Trials
I participated in a medicinal mushroom (Black Maitake) clinical trial with a company named Shogun with a Japanese doctor here in London Ontario I am currently still using the product.
Medical Treatment
Stem cell
Details of Treatment
I had 26 weeks of cyborg D chemotherapy inclusive of that was Lenalidomide for three weeks, along with oral dexamethasone for 26 weeks. The autologous stem cell transplant took 8 weeks, including preparation, treatment, and quarantine.
Medication During Treatment
Lenalidomide, oral dexamethasone. During the stem cell transplant I had one high-dose chemo as melphalan.
Alternative Therapies During Treatment
Therapy (saw a traditional therapist)
IV Therapy
Plant-based Diet
Ketogenic Diet
No sugar
No alcohol
No Gluten
This diagnosis has allowed me to slow down and take inventory of my life and the people around me. It has allowed me to re align with my authentic self, whom I lost trying to be a high achiever and perfect in an imperfect world.
WHAt helped me during treatment
Infrared light therapy panel, Detox baths, Castor oil packs, Cardio Equipment
Favorite Quote
"She who has a WHY can withstand almost anything." ~Tania Atkin
Advice for Others
I would say that no diagnoses is an emergency to stop reassess and think about what’s best for your life and get as many opinions as possible and do your research don’t just jump into fear-based medicine.

My Story

I never thought that it was me who was going get cancer! On February 14, 2022, I was diagnosed with a rare blood bone/marrow cancer called Multiple Myeloma and within 8 months, I went through an toxic induction period of chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, and then went into remission. During that period of time, I used all of my resources, knowledge and education to support myself with non-conventional, non-toxic integrative therapies/medicine and nourishment, so that I could support my body and truly heal once and for all.

The Cancering Process in my body WAS NOT a result of poor dietary habits, genetics, or lifestyle, it was emotional conflict. As a Wellness Warrior, I believe that my CELLS were listening to the HAVOC I was causing to myself- physically & emotionally and for my radical healing to happen, it involved getting very intimate with the pressure I was putting on myself to be PERFECT in every way, professionally, physically & personally. I had some soul searching to do! I had to figure out what was broken! Yes, I did the conventional treatment to put out the fire, but I was also doing a lot of Integrative Oncology and Integrative Nutrition/Supplementation & Exercise to support and mitigate any side effects, symptoms, and for prevention of reoccurrence. This went completely against conventional treatment - but guess what?

I have NO more cancer.

During this time I studied and now I am officially qualified to provide Anti-Cancer Integrative Health (MM) Multiple Myeloma information, research data, strategies to overcome conventional medical roadblocks, gain new life skills, provide non-conventional & conventional therapies, supplementation suggestions, fitness routines, proper nutrition for dis-ease control and support to those affected by MM blood cancer. My Strength: My tenacity, grit, and resiliency are my psychological assets.

Tania is a professional fitness athlete, Elite Strength Coach for over 33 years, an Integrative Health-Fitness Practitioner, C. Psych Therapist, Resilience + Body Image + Confidence Specialist, Educator & Author. She is a woman dedicated to helping others. Follow Tania on instagram @psychsporttan.

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