Diagnosis & Treatment

Breast Cancer
Medical Center
Northwell Health - NY
Dr. Susan Palleschi - Great Neck, NY
Dr. Ken Gold - Bay Shore, NY
Clinical Trials
Medical Treatment
Details of Treatment
1 surgery (lumpectomy), 28 rounds of radiation
Medication During Treatment
Alternative Therapies During Treatment
Ayurvedic medicine
Therapy (saw a traditional therapist)
Sound healing / frequency
Plant-based Diet
No alcohol
Cancer led me to a deeper awakening of compassion, wanting to help others going through similar situations, and wanting to heal my past wounds, especially with my family.
Vitamin D, Vitamin C, probiotic, PURE women's multivitamin
WHAt helped me during treatment
Favorite Quote
The healing has already begun.
Advice for Others
You are supported and loved, there is a community of people who care, who are rooting for you. There are more resources than you know and you can tailor a self-care kit specifically for your own needs. Self-care is paramount to healing, receive what people want to offer without feeling bad. Shower that kindness back to others.

My Story

I was going through a separation at the time of my diagnosis. Life was far from normal. But my family rallied around me, including my husband and my boyfriend and my children. My parents flew in from Florida, my sister and friends drove me to procedures and treatments. I was and continue to be so fortunate to be surrounded by people I love that love me right back.

Like most people who receive a diagnosis, there was shock and disbelief. A week or so after my diagnosis, before my surgery, I flew to California on a meditation retreat and spent most of the week curled into a ball or crying yet surrounded by the most beautiful loving community led by my meditation teachers, Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine, it was a necessary and beautiful way to begin my healing journey feeling so loved. My family, friends, and yoga/meditation community were paramount to my getting through my cancer experience and afterwards, all I wanted to do was help other people on theirs.

During my recovery, I recorded a series of videos that I thought I would post on youtube but never did, instead, a non-profit organization, United We Om, produced a new series of videos that I created about a year and a half later, called Yoga for Breast Cancer Healing. The series is now online along with a 100 page companion manual which I wrote. Both are available free of charge 24/7 online for anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis. Some of my other projects are: volunteering as a mentor for Imerman Angels, helping women going through their own breast cancer journey.s; writing articles for Cancer Wellness Magazine and blogs for The Tutu Project; teaching moving meditations for 2Unstoppable; leading workshops for organizations and cancer centers; running a retreat at Omega Institute, and continuing to help individuals create a life of positive energy and wellness.

I am grateful for the opportunity to live life with a sense of wonder. Everyday I wake up is a gift and a chance to start again.

Visit The Breast Cancer Initiative on United We Om

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